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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  August 27, 2010 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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northerly flow giving us a dry air and comfortable teeperatures as ww climb to aboutt82 degrees for the high today. -e will talk more about what yo3 can expect for state fair weather in just a little bit and for ocean city if you're headed that way his weekend. right ow when you check in with lauren cooke, here is lauuen. reporter: it might be a great weatherrfor the ravens state and the state fair. it might be great traffic if you're traveling in howard county this morning. we're dealing with an accident at route 40.3 southwest portion of the beltway harbor tunnel. high speeds at frederick road. will you notice no problems to report whatsoever. speeds are clock in at 60 miles per hour along the outer loop lanes. that accident didn't p isn't having much an effecc. from 795 to 95, we''e looking at an 11-minute ride with an averrge speed f 55 miles per hour. mchenry toll plaza and fromthe
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the harbor tunnel toll, to 95 you're looking at a 5--inute trip with an average speed off3 55 miles per hour. that's a look at ttaffic edge report. back to you. anne arundel county police are investigating a suspicious death after a oman's body is found in a home in harmon. lexinggon road.a house n police say the woman's 11 years old son found her in her bedroom. the victim who hasn't been identified suffered trruma to her upper body and that is why ú%lice believe there could be a killer on the lose. this is just an evil world and it's a really bad time foo everyone..3 police are waitinn to the medical examiner's repoot to3 determine the exact cause of death. detectives say they do have a person of interest in the case. it won't reveal who they are looking for, but eighboos believe it could be the victim's
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boyfriend who they say moved in a hearing is scheduled today in the case of a juvenile detainee accused of killing a teacher. a 14 years ood oy has been charged with beating hanna wheeling. ú% was 13 at the time of the murder hich took place on school grounds. during the heariig today, a judge will decide whether to moveethe case to adult court. senator ulysses replaces his camppign treasurer afterrnearly $200,000 in funds go missing. disexrensiedisdiscrepancies shoe filed a report. it shows thousands of dollars less than they reported. the inqiftencie inconsistenciese the result of the former treasure's conduct. an investigation is oogoing. they want to hold ellcted
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officials accountable when it comes to immigration policy. pat mcdonough plans tt introduce a measure that would allow citizens to sue public officials in circuit court, that includes the mayor and the governnr. he says that boyd are violating federal law and aiding and abetting illegal immigrants. >> maryland is ppeempted through the federal government. maryland's policies are conflicced with the federal -overnment. >> i believe that the federal government has an obligation to protect our borders. >> according to the mcdonough's number there's $350,000 illegal immigrants currentll living in maryland. ú%> some students will be week. parents and teachers in towson got a sneak peek last night at theii nnw school west towson elementary. baltimore county's new school is environmentally friendll. has 15 regular classrooms and is loaded with the newest technology. it costs $22 million to build. the first day at west towson
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elementary and all other baltimore county schools is next monday august 30th. that school event has already begun and will continue through the first weeks of the school year. for a list of all the back to ú%hool nights, go to links. ♪ ♪ ♪ school has begun for some ú%dd, but for many the 11 best ddys of summer are just started. the maryland state fair opens today and joel d smith is livee there now to get us ready for fox 45 day at the fair which happens today. good morning, joel. >> reporter: good morning, patrice. i got my new friends ere now. we have one of the 4hers and i got durango darlingg you're going to win today, ú%ght? i will take that as a yes. sniffed one earlier. he sounds like me earlier. chet i know it's an early morning for you, but you're used
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to early moonings. >> yes, 5:00 and i ssart washing him and feeding by 6:00. >> reporter: got a lot of pride here so how would you feel if you won today? >> very good. you raise them when they're kids and stuff. >> reporter: they're trying to get away from youu they llok great. how do you tell one from thee3 other and what what is it going to take to actually win. how do you know that you got one that has a chance. >> it's how you take care of them and also what they look like structural wise, and how theyywiil do in the field. kids.she has raised two good >> reporter: and what do yyu like the best about the state fair? you ddn't have to say this part, the food way, the midway. >> just showing down here..3 it'' a lot of people. >> reporter: are you into the jousting? that is new this year. -p>> no. >> reporter: how abbut deep fried pop tarts. >> are you scared of that. >> i'm trying them.
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>> reporter: maybe we will get inno deep fried pop tarts. i don't think durango needs any. it's quiet is oneeof the things they're judging, we're in good shape. >> joel, if that cow had answered you, would have had to get up and walk away from this news desk. >> reporter: that's true. i don't know what i was going for there. yoo got to i didn't have intur interviews a hancyourenter interviewee a chance to speak. >> i guess. pop tarts is the new thinn. but what areesome of the other fried co con con cock shons thae out there. >> reporter: i hope you hhven't had any cashes because we are going to load you up. come witt an empty stomach. if you are making the riies you might want tt time out when you are doing the empty stomach.
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a lot going on today as fox 45 at the air. gretchen wilson is going to be >> it's such a good time at the fair because there's so many different elements.3 we looking forwaad to itt joel, we will check in with you throughout the morning. we will talk with you in a bit. >> reporter: okay. let me get a big oh, yeah from the red neck girls like me ♪ oh, yeah performiig today at the fair. the show starts at 6:00. brett michaels will be performing. his show is next wednesday, september first at 7:00. tickees are still available for both of those shows. but we also have tickets o each concert. today is the last day to win gretchen wilson tickets and then we will be giving away brett michael's tickets today and next weee. ú%ke sure to stay tuned for your chance to win.
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they say that ♪ ♪ it's been sent ♪ to let us to talk of love ♪ %-attractions at this year's far willlbe a concert featuring justin bieber. he will be perffrming live on sunday septembee 5th. that show is sold out, but you can still win tickets rom us all next week right here on fox 45 morning news. and find out about all the fun at this year's maryland state fair. check out our fun at the fair special. it airs tonight at 6:00 right aater the news at 5::0 here on fox 45. coming up on the early editioo, the economic ears continue. people just don't feel confident enough bout the >> why america could bety terring o!!could beteetering ona double dip reccssion. it's going to be great weather wiss, great weather for the state fair as well as the beach. we will talk about football..3
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-p> it's been five years ssnce hurricane katrina ravished the gulf coast. progress has been made to most areas affected by the storm. therees ssill some areas that look almmst like they did five yearr ago after katrina hit. residentssof new orleans are feeling a little uneasy about the levies designed to keep the cities out of harm's way. marianne laforty ha!!!!!marchia. are we ready for anotherú kattina, no, i don'' think we're ready for it. >> some people say the levies broke. some people say the levies blew. >> reporter: the ooernment has commmtted more than $14 billion to kkep the wwter out of the city, most of it sitting below sea level. >> this is one of the largest corps of engineers efforts ever
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undertaken.3 we're doing 15 years of construction in about 46 months. construction because we know3 it's important..3 >> the corps has sovereign33 immunity. so should the levies not work, all that will happen is they3 will be given more money to do it again. >> reporter: 5% of tte levy was flooded. >> what we want to do is fight the storm surge at the perimeter the stoom surge to penetrate into the middle of downtown new orleans. >> we get another hard storm like katrina, you know, it can really flood the city and we're already below sea level. it's not going to ttke that much for it to happen. >> the worst case scenario storm still hasnnt come by. >> reporter: for these peoole living n the big eass, 5 years worth of grief isn't far from their minds.
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>> letts hope for the best but think about the worst. >> it's an every daa struggle around here, it really is, but we're going to make it. ú% reporter: marianne lafferty, ffxxnews. stay tuned to fox 45 morning news for continuing coverage of story. we will have more on the anniversary of hurricane katrina in live repoot from new orleans. that is coming up in our 7:00 hour. while that was ddfinitely devastating, we're in theemiddle of hurricane season and could be hit with storms at anytime. meteorologist steve fertig is here and i know you're tracking hurricane danielle. it's not a problem us, but it is.ways that potential. there's two systems out there. we will taae a look at the moment temporarily. this is the peek of hurricane season, lake aagust and early september. take a look at it now at what e have. we have real nice weather at -his point in time and for a stretch. we're going to enjoy nice weather. 69 degrees for the taating3 temperattre. partly cloudy skies, winds arr calm, 59% relative humidity and
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the barometer is holding steady. 68 in d.c. saliibury nd 60 up in there at hagerstown. ú%ok at oakland, 62 degrees there..3 the dew point is in the 50s and that's an indication of dry3 air in place. it's going to be comffrtable today and for next day, too. staktake a look at sky watch hd radar, down in the south and east, we saw a coupleeof light showers move to the south of us through virginia and that is where it will stay. as high pressure builds in, it's going to be a nice stretch of water, not just today but the %-high pressurr, giving us a northeasserly flow on the eastside of it. that is going to keep us cool and comfortable today. we will see the backside of that pressure and we return to the 90s as we get toward ppobably sunday and into monddy, tuesday, thursday asswell. as we spoke about, there's would expect to see this time of year. look at that nice eyewall, that's definitely a strong one at least right now. it's a categoryy4 hurricane.
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category iii hurricane, so this would beea dangerous storm if it came near us.3 gusts of 135 miles per hour. the question is will it come nnar us? no. but bermuda is going to feel some impact from this in terms of 15-18-foot waves. that is the closest it will come to the u.s. mainland. that is not all. ú% weesaid very active tropical season, at least this point in time hasn't been so far. now we want things to pick up. we got tropicaa storm earl, gusting up to 68 miles per hour. the questton is wiil this take a track toward the west. it looks likk right now it does move further west as the highh3 it will pull us closer. it one bears watching. that is earl, we don't want earl to do much of anything other than go north. maybe that section actuall exact it will do. we will have to see.
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5-10 miles an hour winds. the tory here for 82 degrees for the high examiie lower humidity for the central part of the state. west a high temperature of 80 degrees with a lot of sun aaú nnrthwest winds at 5 miles per hour. cool, 66 degrees, the overnight low at theefair. 82 for today's high temperature ú% will get to 81 by sunday. 87 tomorrow and we wwll feel the whole weekend forecast. at the beach, a lot of sunnhine. 81 and 86 for the saturday and sunday.ú a look ahead at the rest of theú week. check out the rest of these daily forecast. temperatures are getting hhtter for the end of thh week into he beginning of next week. a lot of sunshine throughout. degree into the 80s. more humid then as well. roadways with lauren cooke whoo3 has the traffic edge. lauren. >> reporter: thank you, steve. we do have an accident in howard county. it's going to be right aaong the southbound lanes of columbia pike right aa route 40 that you're going to watch out for.
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if you're traveling he beltway, we have another accident to tell you about along the outer loop lanes at the harbor tunnel thruway. we're lloking at at high speeds, here speeds are clocking at 55k mills per hour. it will remain clear as we make the push toward liberty road. no problems to tell you about. here is a live look at ha harfod road. along 85 toward 83, 83 will be clear as well. checking in and taking a liveú look here at warren road. it's going to be a wide open. youure looking at 5-minute ride. no problems on the jfx, but we doohave a raffic light that malfunccioning at greenspring avenue at druid park drive. -e do have a car fire at avenue at monroe street. back to you. in just a few days most students baltimore area will start tte new school year. we want toosend youu child back
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you could win a $500 shopping spree to aay gymboree store orr3 gymboree's website. we have been takinn qualifiers alllthis week and we will draw the grand prize wiiner later this morning. the first 5 callers today will %-and they will win the latestng %3
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the economy could tke another hit. ashley webster has the latest oú a second part of a double dip recession. of the u.s. economy, housing and jobs are under performing and causing a lot of concern. >> bottom line the housing market is ugly right now and won't improve until the economy starts generating jobs again. >> reporter: sales of existing homes dropping last years, when bbll clinton waa 15 president. down 27 points compared to the previous month. that is the dee deepest monthly slide on record. ú% peeple juss don't feel %-economy to buy a home right n. it would ttke 12 1/2 months to sell ll the homes on the market. >> reporter: home sales have fallen sharply since the home
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buyers tax credit expired in april. >> the federal reserve and u.s. government is going to hhve to take more action to spir into a robust recovery. >> rrporter:: after a out and more than a trillion dollars in stimulus funding, the average american is not convinced that our economy is getting better. >> corporaae ceo's say e are not hiring people back because we don't expect people to be spending money and consumers are not spending money because we're not certain about our jobs in a yearror two. we are looking at theeproblem here. >> reporter: it's a problem thht hassbeen around throughout this recession. last auguut ww showed you this columbus column bee, the golf store ouu of business.3 the krispy kreme as ell. more than 500,000 retail a ghost
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down. they're in danger of ddfault. >> i sttll predict that the worse is yet to come. >> repooter: the numbers support the grim predecision. prediition. ú%e eeonomy grew at a grim 2%. it's likely to be very riced downwwrd and warn that since then the economy has slowed down even further. it seems to me that no matter how slow it's going to be when we get to the second %-3rd quurter issgoing to be as flat as a pancake. >> reporter: thht is whyy3 economists say noo is not the pockets of any consumers. the p> i don't think that it would be appropriate at this point to raise taxes on anyone. coming up later on fox 45 morning news. halloween is still two months away, but it's never too early ttok scared. >> please help.
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ú% come now. >> the right movii goors can expect rom "the last exooism." next ray lewis gets ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ j-e-l-l-o ♪ j-e-l-l-o ♪ j-e-l-l-o ♪ j-e-l-l-o ♪ j-e-l-l-o ♪ j-e-l-l-o [ child giggles ]
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od morning, verybody. sports. thus far in the preseason everything has beee going the ravens way. it's a relatively easy victories over north carolina and tte redskins and will likely do the same this saturday night against the new york giants. that doesn't mean all is rosie on ravens town especially on the side of the football. cameron and the offensivv staff saw one thing that turned their stomach. the ravens fumbled their ball eight times in the preseasoo. in the nfl if you hann the other
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into points on the scorrd board. they have to get better about protecting the ball. a lot better. >> iithink we emphasize it enough but we haven't. we will try tooget that corrected. that will be the number ooe goal to address that on saturday night. we have to find a way to be aggressive and ssill protect the football. >> linebacker neil mcclain was %-yesterday.e pant at practice he was spotted walking gingerly, during the time that the media wws allowed to watch practice. he stood off to the side. %-ii's noo considered serious bt it could affect his availability they could get their first starú up to the preseason. the baltimore os aussie newsom d
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not become the team's. he will be immortalized in tte new home. he will be one of the ones to be put on the team of honor. it will be held at the brown's home opener. aussie played for clevellnd from 1978 to '90. he entered he profootball hall of fame in 1999. o the south, ed skin fans -on't be sseing a quaaterback for a wwile. the washington post reports that the donovan mcnabb will be out untii the season opener. the fear in d.c. that it could affect mcnabb learning the new offense in washington. he is learning the wide snaps in a game that he would have played over a half. the skins open up against dallas, september 12th the that is your morning sports.
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i'm bruce cunninghamm ox 45 -orning news. coming up in the 6:00 hour, hurricane danielle is headed toward bermuda. we talk to an expert about what to expect as hurricane season continues. %-together for the teaapartying rallies at d.c. railroads i'm >> reporter: i'm joel d smith at the maryland state fair where tonight we et the challenge jobs. don't tell me about a dog. a day care full of kids, house chickens. call a day's work. call 1-800-steemer
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